Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First thoughts translator!

  There's tech. There's good tech. There's amazing tech, and finally.. there's sick tech. And that, my friends, is sick tech. Imagine you're locked in on a hospital bed. Can't move, can't talk, can't even blink. Your family walks in, and suddenly a human voice emerges from a speaker close to your pillow. "Merry Christmas!". That dream is now much closer to reality.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Modern Warfare 3

 Yes, 3. Fantastic gameplay. Check the video:


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Survival of the kindest?

  It's brand new, and it comes from the University of California: "Be nice to your family, friends and neighbors - they might help you get ahead in life". Oh wait. But I thought I was the only one like that?



About Google:
‘Let’s see if they still want to run the business in two or three years.’
Bill Gates, on Sergey Brin and Larry Page, 2003


Fantastic site

  Stop! Don't move that mouse! Take the hand away from the mouse. And the other hand away from the keyboard. Pause and read this. Ok. You MUST, I repeat, you MUST read some of the stories on this page. It's written in a very easy style, first person, and contains insane amounts of information about weapons you could potentially use against your girlfriend or wife. No I don't mean real weapons, I mean verbal weapons. You know, when she looks at you with slight disgust on her face, and asks you how much you spent on that new xbox game? Or when she explodes because you forgot to wish her happy birthday? Yeah, that. Read this guy's story, and tell me that didn't happen to you. I swear, that guy has been spying on my life. How the hell would he know all the things I and my girl argue about!?


Free tech courses

  Yeah you can get all sorts of free courses online. Tech and others. Here's a neat page with plenty.


Colton Harris-Moore

  In this day and age, most heroes only exist on TV. So it's refreshing to see there are still some in the wild. This modern-day Robin Hood has been eluding the police for a while. A long while. Oh and he steals boats and planes. And he eats his lunch with his bare feet against the wall. Yup.


62 (sixty-two) Windows 7 tips and secrets

  It never ends. There's just too many good things in 7. I wouldn't have posted *another* list of tips if it didn't contain stuff I didn't know about. For example, did you know that Windows 7 comes with a display calibration utility (a real one!)? How about a tool that allows you to record everything that's happening on the screen when an error occurs, package it to a single MHTML file, and allow you to send it to a friend for review? Did you even have any idea that you could mount Virtual PC and VMWare virtual disk images directly in Windows? How about a full statistical/programming calculator? Yup, that, and lots more... read on.


Strangest thing in the sky

  Any ideas what this could be? A spiral in the sky over Norway...

Link 2

Oh and what the hell is THAT?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All Windows 7 drivers

  Hey pssst. Pssst. Want some? I got some really good sh*t right here man. First quality! How much? Hmmm for you, it'll be free. Yeah yeah they work, I tested them. Of course I'm kidding, do I look like some kind of software tester or something? Enjoy.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Linux timeline

Some people claim the number of distros isn't affecting Linux acceptance by the general public. I beg to differ.


Must read about the flu

  Health. Flu. Virus. Infection. Disease. Pain. Danger. Family. Children. Parents. Solution. Vaccine. Government. Pharma. Corporations. Money. Profit. Vaccine. Advertisement. Fear. Virus. Pandemic. Infection. Death. WHO. Swine flu. Different. Death. Vaccine. Must. Public opinion. Profit. Money. Obligation. Panic.


Badass of the week

  I just found is awesome page about this guy who kicked some Leopard's ass in Kenya. The story is so well-written, I don't even have to use my usual bitter-sweet style. It's already perfect! Read on.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where did it go?

Watch closely

Sweet new Nokia UI

  I've had this Nokia E71 phone for a year or so, and I still can't find anything better on the market. Nokia's OS, Symbian, is a model of stability, reliability and speed. I can't wait to see what they do with their newer phones. When I discovered the E71, I felt sorry for iPhone users. Looking at this new UI, and considering the massive technological gap between Symbian OS and Apple's awful equivalent, I think it's fair to say Nokia is here to stay.


  Oh and if you have never read this brilliant piece of rant, head over to the best page in the universe and read this iPhone Vs. Nokia E70 page. It'll give you an idea why the iPhone is really a phone for idiots.


Fastest SSD drive to date

  If you had any doubts that SSD drives are faster than these old, obsolete mechanical drives... here's more proof you live in the past:


Most amazing beard of all times

  No really, I'm dead serious. This IS the best beard I've ever seen. Or anybody else for this matter. Go ahead. Click the link. Watch the video. Let your jaw drop.


I don't believe it

  A charming couple is getting married, and all is well. The two say yes to the man in black, and take out their cellphones to update Facebook and Twitter. What could be more normal? Here's a video in HD goodness.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why americans are fat

  Two words: Portion size. No, I'm kidding, it has very little to do with portions. I say it's just pure greed. Portions are ridiculous though. Because of greed. It's not the fast food chains' fault. If people didn't ask for bigger portions, chains wouldn't make them. It's that simple. But people always want more. They want more meat, more cheese, more fries and enough corn syrup to turn yellow. Enjoy the heart diseases!

Portion size: then vs. now:


George Lucas

It's true! It's true! I swear it's true!

Why Hollywood movies suck

  Here are a few clues: no imagination, no creativity and no talent. Am I being harsh? Need proof? Check this WWTDD post about many idiots who made it in Hollywood by making giant robot shorts on their Mac (and subsequently lost millions at the box office). It really doesn't get any better than that.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Most censored stories

  Gotta love conspiracy theories, huh? Want more? Sure. Here's a list of the most censored stories of 2001 (plenty more from where that comes from). They're all cross-referenced, true stories too!


Awesome Flash tutorial made in Flash

  Oh wait. Made in Flash? A Flash tutorial made in Flash? Why would you use Flash to teach Flash? Or maybe it's because Flash can be used for pretty much everything?
Anywho, it's good. I understood most of it, and I've never used Flash.