Friday, October 30, 2009

Calculator safe

  An innocent-looking Windows calculator that also encrypts and stores files. Neat.


No way

  Oh common now. Common! This is ridiculous. So we have a few possibilities here:
- Same guy, same idea
- Different guy, same idea (coincidence)
- Different guy, stole idea from first guy (theft)
See previous post here: Link


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Windows 7 tips

  Holy crap another list! Jesus but it never ends! But this one is good. It's really good. It's so good in fact, that I didn't even know half of the item on there. And that's rare. Because I know a lot of stuff about Windows. And UNIX. And tricks and things. But this. This is amazing. Who would have thought that Microsoft (of all companies) would have integrated the 'command line here' function to the right-click menu with a simple press of the Shift key? Well f*ck me, I didn't even see that. Some people actually read the manual. Looking at this list of quite awesome Windows 7 features, it makes me sad thinking about all the people struggling just to get their wireless card recognized in Linux. And Windows users are sitting there, clicking away, installing Photoshop and playing GTA IV just because they can. Sad huh. I wonder how many years it'll take Linux peeps to imitate/emulate/copy all of the new features and innovations in Windows 7. Considering most distros aren't even at the Windows 95 level in terms of ease of use and hardware compatibility... well I guess it'll take them quite a few. Sometimes, paying for something actually gets you somewhere.


Short arms

Tell me about it!

Swine flu



You can't make that sh*t up. People wouldn't believe you.


  Hm. There's a crazy advanced Microsoft copy app included with Windows. It's command-line and it's called Robocopy. I like command-line and all, but if I'm running an operating system called Windows... it's for a reason. Here comes RichCopy, the GUI for Robocopy. Still here? I'm falling asleep man. Copy programs are so boring. Pffff alright. Here's the link.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Icon finder

  Holy crap an icon finder! It's here! It's here! It works! My suffering is finally over. 128x128 PNGs with transparency goodness! Oh the possibilities.


Shocking Behaviour

  Going hand in hand with the previous post, here's the true story of two drunk guys tripping on shrooms inside a house with old people wearing freaky pyjamas. If the description doesn't entice you, I don't know what will. Good thing I'm wearing diapers. The laughter was so intense, I wouldn't even have made it half way to the bathroom.


Best motivational poster ever

  We've seen them all. These 'motivational' posters. Always the same old black frame with some giant message right below a picture stolen from the internets. But there's one that really deserves praise. Not just because it's funny, but because it's true.


Arnold's still got it

  Just when you thought Schwarzenegger ran out of awesomeness, he sends a "f*ck you" letter to the State Assembly. Welcome back Arnold. It's not like you ever left, but it's still good to see you're kicking ass even when not acting as a bad-ass.

The Letter


Einstein quotes

  I'm sure everybody has read some of Einstein's quotes in the past. But have you read them all? Have you read the ones about his belief in a God representing the intrinsic beauty of nature? Have you? I didn't think so. I strongly, strongly recommend you head to this page and take a couple of hours to read them all. Not only you'll feel some of his genius, but you'll become a little bit smarter too. I'm not kidding. My IQ just went 2 and half points just reading the title.

Here's a few of my favorites:
"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research, would it?"
"As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it."
"No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong."


Monday, October 26, 2009

Virtual band

  What? Who turned on the light? Hmmwoah my eyes hurt. Somebody close the window it's farking cold in here. Leave me alone, I'm hiding under the sheets with the laptop. Music? I'm not playing music. Oh that? That's just a neat flash anim I just found. The instruments are really cool. Wanna play with it? Sure here's the link:


Friday, October 23, 2009

Windows 7 Whopper

Click for high(er)-res goodness

  I know. This picture needs no comment. There's nothing you can say about a 7-paddies burger. Nothing at all. And yes it's real. You can't make that sh*t up. It's all over the internet. Chances are, you have seen this picture before. But you thought it was a hoax. A joke of some sort. But no, no, it's real. It costs 777 yen and was born out of some horrific partnership (conspiracy) between Burger King and Microsoft. Just when you thought they couldn't get more disgusting. Japanese people have a much, MUCH higher tolerance for sick stuff than we do. So they go to Burger King and eat a 6000-calories pile of meat that tastes like cat food sandwiched between two pieces of old, moldy bread that looks like it fell on the floor a couple of times before reaching your tray (no joke, I actually had a burger like that once - haven't been to Burger King since).


50 more web sites

  I'm really getting tired of top-10 lists. Ant top-20 lists. All lists, for that matter. Soon, the internet will consist of this massive collection of lists. Best of this, best of that... So why would I add to the pile with this one from Maximum PC? Well, for the first time in a while, most of the web sites listed here are actually decent! Some of them are even intriguing. A few are interesting. Maybe a couple are worth looking at. One is good. Sorta.


Convert files

  From any format to any format, online. Literally. This site is something else.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Evolution mistakes

  No, no, this is not about mistakes made by evolutionists. This is about mistakes in the evolutionary process that allow us to tell for sure that we are the product of an evolutionary process. Still don't follow? Ok so let's say you have two students who give two almost identical papers to their prof. The text of their essays is, say, 98% identical. But there's a couple of changes here and there, just to try and fool the teacher into thinking there was no cheating. Well apparently scientists are like profs trying to catch students cheating. But in the case of evolution, it's about DNA, and how the hell we inherited so much of the chimps'. Read this paper and be blown away. I know I was. In fact I'm going to read it again. I kinda like the feeling of being blown away. But it's never quite as good as the first time. You're always trying to relive that first high, that amazing hit that sends you... oh wait I'm thinking of something else, sorry. Read on.


Google Map Saver

  I've always wanted to download maps from Google to my system. Always. Even when I was a kid, I remember I wanted to download maps, and be a banker. Anywho I really want to download maps. I really really want to download maps from Google. It's almost a need at this point. An addiction. Just like being addicted to meth, but without the sweat, odor and convulsions. I'm going to fill my hard drive with maps now. See you in a bit.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another comic

  Don't you love the video/photo restoration in CSI? It seems they can restore the crappiest, grainiest low resolution footage and show amazing details pointing to the killer.


Society comic

Quite possibly the most significant piece of comic I've ever seen.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

For those who still believe...

   Just one more article showing a clear cyclic pattern to global temperature. If that's not enough common sense to shake you back into reality, read a few thousand more articles.


The Truth



Friday, October 16, 2009

Master Lock

What? Well click on it!

How to hollow a book in 80 steps

  There's genius. There's web genius. There's web how-to genius. There's web how-to-hollow-a-book genius. And then, there's web how-to-hollow-a-book-in-80-easy-steps genius. And that should be all you need to explode in rage and rip your mouse button away while clicking on that link there. The style is genius. The subject is genius, and the pictures... well. Genius.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Open new tabs with Ctrl in Opera

  Finaly! I have found it. A method to make Opera open new tabs in the background using Ctrl-click. It's about f*cking time! Do you have any idea how long I've been combing the net to find a way to make Opera comply with that basic, oh so basic standard!? Very long. Years  maybe. Firefox uses ctrl. Chome uses ctrl. Internet Explorer uses ctrl. Opera uses ctrl-shift-alt-f1-enter+967984860. I'm not exaggerating. It's sick. And Opera has a neat keyboard / mouse shortcut editor, so you'd think... well that's probably the first thing people would use that for, right? Change the way I click and use the keyboard. But naaaah, the guys at Opera thought that everybody on earth should use Shift-click. Even though everybody else uses Ctrl. What a bunch of obnoxious idiots. The browser is awesome, but just the little tiny things like that always make me go back to Firefox. It's infuriating!

  All you have to do is enable user Javascript: Link
and install this Javascript file in your java folder: Link


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Awesome file encryption manager

  Here's the problem: you've got a porn collection on your computer. No need to be ashamed: we all do, and there's no way around it. It's just a natural need. Gotta jerk off once in a while. Like taking the garbage out when it's full! The problem is, pesky society doesn't see it that way. Same with your girlfriend/wife/mom/sex doll. That's why file encryption software exists. Rename, encrypt, hide... voila. It's the solution to all your problems. Only one last obstacle: you never buy software. In fact, everything installed on your computer is illegal. Hm. That's a big problem. Ideally, you'd want something free. Not open-source, obviously, because it's usually junk. No, no, what you need is something either freeware, or shareware with no expiry. Well then, Secret Data Manager is for you. It's free, as in free beer, and it's awesome, as in porn safely hidden forever.


Best slow-mo video ever

  How does 1 million frames per second sound? Sounds good to me! This is by far the best slow-motion bullet video I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot. Like, millions. Maybe more. I'm not sure, the person who counts the number of slow-mo videos I watch is on vacation this week. But last time he sent me his report it was several millions.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Simple, cute and funny


Abductees Anonymous

  Awesome organization. Some people drink too much, others have too many alien friends. For these people there's a cure. A solution. And that solution consists of telling your story to 10,000 other people who can relate to some random facts of your life - and thus confirm your misguided belief. From their documentation, here are a few interesting criteria among the '52 signs you may have been abducted' - along with my experience.
  • Awoken with soreness in your genitals. -- Every day.
  • Difficulty trusting others, especially authority figures. -- Down with the cops, man. The government!
  • Dreaming of floating (through windows, walls and doors). -- I like lucid dreaming. I have a dream log. Don't look at me like that!
  • Dreams of destruction and catastrophe. -- What you mean the news?
  • Feel that you are going crazy for thinking about things like abduction by aliens. -- All the time. Especially after rolling. I've gotta quit man.
  • Frequent or sporadic ring in your ear or ears. -- I have tinnitus. Too many concerts.
  • Inexplicably strong phobias or fears. -- I'm scared sh*tless of cops. Did you hear something?
  • Loss of time. -- Isn't that the whole point? Sativa is the way to go.
  • Periods of being paralyzed while in bed. -- Every. Morning.
  • Seeing strange lights around you. -- I don't like fluorescent lighting. So I put candles everywhere in my apartment. Is that wrong?
  • Seen a hooded figure in or near your home, especially next to your bed. -- I had two car accidents. I have a deal with the guy.
  • Strange objects found in body which do not belong there. -- Too embarrassing to tell my doctor. I just like spoons.
  • Sudden cosmic awareness, an interest in ecology, environment, vegetarianism or if you have become very socially conscious. -- Every doobie is a brand new adventure.
  • Sudden fears and phobias. -- Didn't I mention the cops?
  • Sudden illnesses (sinus problems, headaches,nose bleeds or strange rashes). -- I have sinus infections in the winter. It's Canada for Christ's sake.
  • Sudden psychic ability. -- I've had these deja-vu moments constantly ever since I saw Richard Simmons on TV.
  • Sudden self-esteem issues. -- I was never able to become a banker.
  • Sudden sleep issues (nightmares or insomnia). -- When I'm stressed out
  • Sudden urge to travel to a location not knowing why. -- I'm moving out of this mess soon enough.
  • The feeling of being watched much or most of the time, especially at night. -- My wife has this strange habit.
  • Unusual scars or marks with no possible explanation – especially if you have an unexplainably strong emotional reaction to them. -- I don't remember cutting my knee. Nor do I remember losing that front tooth.
  • Have many of these traits but can’t remember anything about an abduction or alien encounter. -- How would you know that you can't remember something if you can't remember it?

Giants in Berlin

  If you've never seen the giants walk in the streets of Berlin, you haven't seen anything. I mean, you haven't seen that. At least. That and a couple of other things. Like my mom. Nobody has ever seen my mom. That's probably because she stocks weapons underground in the desert. And she drives a Jeep. And she knows about the future. They're on to her.


All video sites on one page

  You're unemployed, lazy, bored and spend most of your time sleeping and watching movies. Good news! Now you can watch thrice as many movies per second with ovguide! Yes you heard me right, one page with every single good movie site on the net! No I don't use it, I just found out about it. Well yeah I might use it some time. Sure, sure, but for now just click on that link.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Darth's girlfriend

  Sometimes I see a photo-comic so well-crafted, so funny and so subtle, I can't resist but share it. This is not the case here. This one's blunt, ugly and unfunny. Which is why I can't resist but share it.

Clicky for biggy

Plants, Quantum theory and the human brain

  I just read some fascinating articles about quantum mechanics and their role in the functioning of the brain, as well as how they are used by plants for photosynthesis. If these ideas prove to be accurate, our whole understanding of consciousness may take a giant step forward. Even if it's obvious there's 50% chance all of this is completely bogus, the possibility alone is worth a good deep thought. Even if you're only remotely interested in consciousness, the brain or physics, read and be amazed.

Plants and Quantum computations
Quantum Secrets of Photosynthesis
Quantum mind

Love game

  This may well be the best-looking, coolest MMO I've ever seen. A game in which everybody is the hero, everybody can do anything in a world that is constantly changing. It looks fantastic, and I think I'm going to spend a LOT of time there.


HD Gameplay video

Optimizing your web page

  Google is cool. I know it; you know it; and everybody knows it. They're evil, but they're cool. That's why they're that much cooler than say, Microsoft. Microsoft is evil, but they're not cool. They make sweet software (What? you don't like Windows 7? You should try it first.) and make tons of money, just like Google. But they're not cool. The reason they're not cool, is that their marketing team decided against it. Google is cool because they want to look cool. It's not like they're actually cool inside. If you scratch the surface you'll still find that ugly money-guzzling advertisement machine all these companies strive to be, or become. I forgot what I wanted to say. Let me re-read myself. Ok, right. So one of the things that makes Google cool (or makes it appear cool), is that they pretend to be 'contributing' to the 'community'. I put everything in quotes simply because there is no such thing as free anything, and no such thing as a community on the internet. Both these concepts are illusions designed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, all emotional and sh*t, then take your money without saying thank you. If you haven't figured that out yet, you're probably a) under 30, b) very naive or c) in need of more psychoactive substances. Either way you're being robbed and raped - and you're liking it. That's the whole idea. Jesus I'm going on and on and getting nowhere. Let me re-read again. Ah there, so in short, Google gives stuff for free in hopes you'll find them even cooler. Here's a tool they released that they supposedly used internally (a-ha!) that allows one to benchmark a web page. It sure looks like a great tool. And it's a Firefox extension (gotta be friends with Open Source guys these days, to remain cool). That extension actually looks useful. Have a look. Next time just skip the text and click the link. I'm the only one really laughing at my jokes anyway.

Look I even stole a random screenshot.
It doesn't really show anything.
I just noticed people kinda read my posts more if I put pictures.
So, here. Picture!


  Remember that it's not really free, and they're not really cool - and they're still evil inside. Steal from them before they steal from you. Alright alright, fine! I'm done already!

Optimizing Windows for SSD drives

  I recently installed an SSD drive in my system. Boots Windows 7 faster than I can say 'linux sux'. Anywho, I noticed that some programs monopolize the system pretty bad, and cause freezes when disk access becomes intense. Turns out it's Windows, trying to optimize everything a little too much for old technologies, prevents SSD drives from operating at full speed. I found this very nice post that details all the ways to disable Windows' optimizations for antique, outdated, extinct mechanical disks - unleashing the full power of modern SSDs. Worth a look. Note that all the registry hacks also apply to Windows 7. Now my system runs even slower, and I get more freezes - since I disabled some actually useful functions - BUT I feel great knowing that I have customized it. It's not stock anymore. It's got stickers and a new paint job, and even a spoiler or two. Hm. Well my EEE works better. At least that's positive, right? Right?


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great ad parodies

  I'm printing a bunch right now. Expect my cubicle to be covered with them soon. Some of these are pretty cool. Yeah they're PDF. That's because they're meant to be printed. And seen. By other people. You know, the people who visit you in your cubicle? Nobody? What do you mean nobody? You have plenty of friends around here! Sure you do. Well I saw a dog pass by the other day. Yeah, a small white dog. Human, dog... does it matter? A friend is a friend. Its tail was wagging too. Yes, yes I saw it move!


Multiply any number in your head

  I suck at math. I've always sucked at math, and I will always suck at math. Yet I can multiply any number by any other number, no matter what the number of digits... in my head. How do I do it? Well I use this old trick called 'Multiples of Ten'. The method is detailed below.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Download Flickr originals

  I hate Flickr. There's probably nothing more vile, ugly, white or poorly designed than Flickr. They have cool pictures however. Some of them at least. I just wish I could download the full-size pictures directly. But... but.. but there's a Firefox extension for that!


Friday, October 2, 2009

You should try this

  Once you get past the ridiculously large, bold text, you'll be faced by the best list of Internet memes I've seen. Enough links to cool sites and videos to keep you awake for at least 4 minutes. Guaranteed!


Steve Ballmer

  If you had any doubts that this guy's insane, then watch this. If you've seen him jumping and running and screaming before, then watch this again. This doesn't get old. It's always good. Even after the 100th time you see it. I would know, my alarm clock plays this soundtrack every morning. That's right, every morning I wake up to the sound of Steve Ballmer wooing and screaming. It reminds me that I'm normal, that I can run for a few minutes without huffing and puffing and that I can safely jump and shout at the same time without risking a heart attack. Unlike that overweight, creepy bald guy.


Socket file transfer

  Now here's a cool utility. Say you have two systems, and you got network connectivity between the two. All you want to do is transfer a few files between the two. And you forgot your null-modem cable in the year 1997 while traveling forward through time. You've spent the past 3 hours trying to configure that piece of rotting *@&!#$ windows file sharing monstrosity, to no avail. There's hope. And that hope is called Simple Socket File Transfer. It's free, it's small, it's easy to use (provided you've been acquainted with the intricacies of quantum tunneling) and best of all, it's free. Did I mention it's free? Oh and it runs on all versions of Windows. UNIX peeps don't need that kind of things, since level 19 mages can transfer files using simple textbook spells. For the rest of us humans there's network cables.


50 most interesting articles

  Bored? I know eh. Sometimes I get bored too. It happens to everybody. You're there, sitting on your chair, your left hand in against your head, and your right hand on your mouse. You're playing with your beard (or hair, let's not get too specific here ok? OK?). Nothing's happening. And then there it is. The perfect article. The wikipedia page about something you've never heard of before. It's got tons of interesting facts and details and pictures and notes and things. You like it. You spend an hour reading, and you feel oh so full when done. You feel better, smarter, more educated. Well my invisible, imaginary friends... I have 50 of these for you right here. It took me months (one click on some link I found randomly few minutes ago) of research to find this page. And now it's all yours. Enjoy, my imaginary friends. Enjoy.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Convert web site to application in Firefox

  I tried Google Chrome a few times. And every time I try it, I end up deleting it and swearing I'd never try that pile of crap again. It's a nice browser. So what? They're all nice. It's standard compliant. Yay, they're all standard compliant (except IE, fine). They all have tabs, and speed dial screens. Sure. But Chrome has something others don't have: the INABILITY to block ads. And recognize mouse gestures. Or even accept any kind of standard extension. There are extensions, sure, but have you looked at the development site lately? It's a big mess of scripting, strange installation procedures and paths... forget it.
  Anywho, seriously now, there's ONE, and only one feature Chrome has, that I always wished Firefox had. That nifty 'Convert web site to application' option. It makes a neat icon on the desktop and opens a web site with no menu bar or anything, just the correct title. I love it. Until now Firefox didn't really have a direct extension for that. Thanks to Prism it's now possible.

Prism for Firefox

  Once installed, this extension adds the option to the Tools menu. I laike.

Another one?

This one's good, right? It IS good. Common now. The facial expression. The cigarette-flicking. Common. It's good. It's very good.

Independent's day

I have nothing to say right now. Nothing.

The Dwarves

  They live in mushroom houses and dress like fairy tale characters. No really, they do. I'm not kidding. This is not a joke. I'm dead serious right now. If you could look at me through the internets, you'd see I have no smile on my face, and I haven't laughed since last night's abuse of massive amounts of illegal substances. So I'm clean, clear and sober. And I'm telling you Midgetcity exits. In china. Wait! No, no I'm not talking about the Chinese. I'm talking about a community of dwarves living in China. And they have their own town. And they live in mushroom houses. And they dress like fairy tale characters. Are you still with me? Hey don't... don't go. Please don't go.


Currency calculator

  I've been using X-rates for maybe 10 years. No, longer than that. I think I've started using X-rate in 1946. Before the internet even existed. That's how long I've been using X-rates for. And I always hated it. The interface looks dated (1946!), the drop-downs are impossible to read (I'm 87 years old, after all) and I always forget the link. But my suffering is over. At last, a currency calculator that looks good, is easy to use and uses big bold letters my old eyes can see without glasses or this old microscope I've been carrying around since the 50's.
Thanks Curcalcuraliculagulatitiontorialomartialorulator!